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This group is for community leaders who are here to fill in the gaps, serve as the connective tissue, and work behind the scenes to ensure that not only do we all weather the storm in times of crisis, but we strengthen as a community in the process.

Systemic change requires information sharing and collaboration among a variety of stakeholders.

  • Breaking silos is requisite to the partnerships required for collaboration.
  • Building trust is requisite for breaking silos.
  • Authentic communication (starting with listening and ending with relevant and responsible action) is the access to building trust.
  • Authentic communication as the basis for collaborative action creates systemic change.

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Partnership is open to individuals or organizations. Partners will:

  • Agree to adhere to our policies as outlined in this document.
  • Be eligible for participation in CRT’s guiding committees, teams, and working groups.
  • Be connected to our network and can collaborate on projects.
  • Sign a memorandum of agreement with CRT outlining mutual roles and responsibilities.
  • Agree to contribute to the mission of CRT via
  • 5% overhead on shared grants (note: there is no obligation on non-collaborative grants or independent work; see MOA for more details)
  • in-kind time and effort contributed towards CRT project areas
  • Have priority status over members for rapid response grants and exclusive status for program and sustainability grants opportunities.
  • Partnership is renewable annually, and the MOA must also be renewed annually. CRT currently charges no membership fee. If a fee is implemented following action of the governing committees and a vote of the members and partners, a sliding scale will be applied as will the opportunity to provide in-kind support in lieu of fees.


Membership is open to individuals or organizations. Members will:

  • Agree to adhere to our policies as outlined in this document.
  • Be eligible to participate in teams and working groups.
  • Be connected to our network and can collaborate on projects.
  • Have priority over non-members for rapid grants and can move to partner status to be eligible for larger grants.
  • Membership is free and renewable annually. At the end of their term of membership, each member will indicate if they would like to renew and the members and partners will vote on their continuation. 



Visitors are welcome to join CRT morning calls and working groups upon invitation of any CRT member or partner. Please acquaint prospective visitors with the CRT overview and values before inviting them to the call. Also ensure that visitors are familiar with the format of the morning phone call. Visitors may also serve as subject-matter experts on Teams as long as they are working in a non-leadership role and do not contribute to Team decision making. These Visitors will also only be able to access Team-specific documents and not documents, resources, and folders shared across all CRT members and partners. It is the responsibility of the Team lead(s) to ensure proper management of Visitors serving on their Teams.

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